Rye Krzyca Flour 1 KG

Mąka Żyto Krzyca Pełnoziarnista ZBOŻA PRADAWNE 1kg Melvit
  • Net weight: 1 KG
  • EAN code: 5906827020748

The number of items:

  • qty in a box: 10
  • qty on a layer: 96
  • qty on the pallet: 672

Nutrition facts per 100 g:

  • Energy:1381 Kj/327 kcal
  • Protein:14 g
  • Fibre:16 g
  • Carbohydrate::56 g
  • Sugars:1.7 g
  • Fat:1,7 g
  • Saturated fatty acids:0,3 g
  • Salt:<0.01 g


Rye Krzyca is one of the oldest types of rye. Rye Krzyca slowly returns to favor, In the past it was used to bake delicate bread and today it is also used for similar purposes. The flour contains sterols, i.e. substances that support our body in the proper management of cholesterol. Krzyca flour contains E vitamins which have antioxidant properties. It also includes natural alkylresorcinols, which should be present in every diet due to its anti-cancer effect.

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