MELVIT was established in 1998. Today we are one of the leading companies involved in production, distribution and packing of loose articles such as oat flakes, other wholegrain flakes, groats and others. We only take the best from nature and carefully process it, based on our knowledge and values. In this way we achieve products we can be proud of putting our name on. That is what we have always done. We offer our products using following brands – MELVIT, SZCZYTNO PREMIUM, GRANUM.

The company’s mission is the production of healthy products of high quality, and contribution to the creation of healthy food consumption habits. We consider ourselves a quality-oriented company that is why our products are strictly controlled and monitored through all the process. We are able to guarantee complete quality control from the raw materials to the finished product. Our laboratory has the day to day responsibility of ensuring that all raw materials and ingredients received and all finished products leaving the factory are in accordance with current legislation and comply with all specifications. In addition to the quality of our products, we consider high quality service to be of paramount importance. Speed and flexibility are crucial at every stage of the process. The MELVIT brand has always been standing for quality products and we are and always have been working hard to keep in this way, as we strongly believe quality and customers service are the pillars that have been winning the trust of our consumer and partners for generation.

Every day, our team works hard to provide you with products and service of outstanding quality!

MELVIT sources all types of customers: locally and globally. We have customers that buy packed goods, customers that are wholesalers, customers that are part of food processing business and customers that are retailers. All this customers have one thing in common, they are looking to buy products that have the best quality. We are proud of being one of the suppliers for main chains in the Baltic countries. MELVIT products can also be found on English, Irish, Australian and American markets so our exports activity continues to expand.